Block the Crossings Modified Tessier System Game

This is my third attempt at running this type of game. I actually never intended on running another such game but Gen. David Mallory asked if I would be willing to help him learn to run one. He was interested in running a shorter game, my two previous games involved full armies and multiple days. His thinking was a smaller game would give him an idea of what was involved before he committed to a larger effort. This made some sense to me as my previous games were 2 and 3 day battles and the games lasted 18-24 months. Gen. Mallory and I will be sharing the duties on this one, he will handle the CSA messages and turns while I handle the USA side. This was his suggestion to both make it easier on me and allow him to get a sample of what is involved in running such a game.

After looking over the Gettysburg scenarios I found one that I thought would work, a single day scenario, with approximately equal size forces. I made a few modifications to the scenario and set it up so we could start the scenario, create a password and send the players only the bte file. This way neither side could be sure what the other actually had available making it somewhat a blind scenario. Both sides will receive a description of the current situation and the latest intelligence report.

I am currently using the JTS version 3.0 of Gettysburg.
Since this scenario uses a stock oob, map and pdt file the current game system could be used giving me access for the first time to all the updates to the engine.
Since I like many of the updates we will play in Phase Mode and use the following Optional Rules.
Manual Defensive Fire
Quality Fire Modifiers
Victory Points for Leader Casualties
Density Fire Modifier
Mounted Cavalry Skirmishers
Higher Disrupted Movement
Quality Melee Modifiers
Isolation Rules
Weak Zone-Of-Control
Partial Retreats
Automated Defensive Fire
Flank Morale Modifier
Bridge Limit and Repairing
Artillery Capture
Artillery Retire By Prolonge
Artillery Ammo by Cannon
Mixed Organization Penalty


Players will have until midnite Friday to send orders to the moderators. Turns will be done on Saturday and or Sunday. The players will receive the turn and be able to view the replay as soon as turns are completed along with any messages they receive that turn. This could be changed if the players decide they don't require a full week to issue orders provided the moderators feel they can get the turns done. So you are probably looking at a minimum a six month commitment for the game.


The links below lead to the websites for my two previous games for those who are not familar with them.
We have made a few changes for this new game.

Stone's River Tessier MP Game
Hooker's Gamble Tessier MP Game


You'll find links to the left describing how to write orders, the tables used for order handling, and the actual game mechanics used by the moderators.


Last updated 04/03/20