Player Roster


As I stated previously this is my third attempt at this type of game and the smallest of those I have run. As Gen. Mallory was interested in running a shorter game I chose one of the single day scenarios from Gettysburg, a variant of the Block the Crossings scenario. My previous attempts at this type of game convinced me that players should have at least 4 brigades to command. In my first game I went with divisions but the union players often lost interest with their 2-3 brigade divisions being worn out after one action. So I decided in the future to have the CSA players at the Division level while the USA players would run Corps with the moderator handling their 2-3 brigade divisions. This worked well in my second game and I thought we should use that for this one. As a result we would only have 2 Union players and 4 CSA players for this game.





Confederate Army

Gen. Longstreet

Nick Kunz


Gen. McLaws

Gene Nix


Gen. Hood

John Dragan



Gene Nix


Gen. Pickett

Mark Oakford


Union Army

Gen. Reynolds

Scott Eichelberger


Gen. Howard

Frank DiNola



Of the players only John Dragan and Mark Oakford had participated in one of my previous games. Both Union players were new to the system as was Nick Kunz as Longstreet,

Unfortunately the passing of Gen. John Dragan left a hole in our game as well as our hearts along with all the members of the ACWGC.
With only 12 turns remaining in the game David and I thought it would be difficult to find another player with so little time left in the game.
So we offered Gene Nix the option of running two divisions for the remainder of the game and he agreed to fill in allowing us to complete the game.


Last updated 12/14/20